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Why Are Botox Treatments So Popular?

by Scarlett Watson
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Having an unblemished skin is rare in older people. You are sure to develop fine lines in specific parts of your face and neck once you hit your thirties. The damage to your skin will worsen with every passing year. You will be shocked to notice sun spots or lax sins and even a few warts eventually. Sure, you want to turn the clock back. However, that is quite impossible. No worries! You are welcome to try a safe yet tried & tested procedure that works like magic. These are known as botox treatments that will keep your skin unwrinkled and taut despite the ongoing aging process.

It is important to understand the procedure before giving your ascent to undergo the procedure. Well, it is certainly interesting to learn that botox is a term used to denote many brands of botulinum toxin injections. As per the term, you may be anxious to know that it is a neurotoxin that will work on your nerves and weaken the associated muscles. You will not be harmed by the injection, however. Instead, you will be well rid of wrinkles, headaches, and other diseases most miraculously. Remember that only a trained therapist is qualified to handle the procedure. Be sure to consult a medical professional and get the procedure done in a center of repute.

Uses Of Botox Treatments

The cosmetic reasons for botox injections are limited to skin improvement and cosmetic appeal. You are welcome to opt for botox injections to ensure the following:-

  • Smoothen the eyebrows
  • Eliminate wrinkles on the forehead
  • Get rid of fine lines on the nose and deep creases on either side
  • Remove crows feet from the side of the eyes
  • Smoothen the lips
  • Improve the jawline by addressing the lax skin
  • Reduce wrinkles and fine lines from the chin
  • Reduce wrinkles from the neck

How does Botox Work?

A small amount of Botox that is injected into the skin will block the signals from the nerves to the associated muscles. The muscular tissue will fail to contract as a result. The process of frowning or puckering of lips as well as squeezing the skin involuntarily will be reduced to a great degree. The skin over such muscles will appear smooth and unblemished.  You must also remember that the effects are temporary and the muscles will function as before once the effect of the botox toxin wears off. Several spots may be treated simultaneously with Botox®

How safe are Botox injections?

BOTOX® Cosmetic has been approved by the FDA. The body also okays it for several medical treatments too. Administration of Botox in small quantities will cause no harm to the patient.

You are sure to notice the initial results within a week of being injected. However, the full and final result will be evident within 10 days to 15 days of the procedure. Botox treatments for cosmetic reasons can last for as long as 6 months before the numbed muscles begin to function once again.

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