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Looking For Popular USA Adult Classifieds Sites

by racy jordan
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This blog post is about something that you might or might not have heard of, USA adult classifieds! It’s been an extremely busy week, and following an exchange with a friend from my circle, I realized that many people utilize websites that they should not. I’m talking about users are using inappropriate adult classifieds sites to connect with people they want to make connections with. The reality is that many people are still enticed into using escort sites believing they’re the most effective classifieds section. I have a major issue with those who do this and there are a myriad of other reasons! But don’t fret, you’ll be able to understand the websites that I advise not to visit and the reasons for this. I’m sure that no matter what you do, you’ll not attempt to visit any of these websites. I’ve received emails from people telling me horror stories about these sites than other sites and I’ve done a thorough investigation of each site in detail. Yes you’re reading it right I have full report on each of these websites , which I’ve listed below:

USA Adult Classified Sites You Need To Stay Away From! [USA Adult Classifieds Sites]

I’ve not wasted any time here. I’ve just got right in and share it with you. Be aware of these websites below should be avoided…


The classifieds site is relatively new , but it’s merely it’s a replacement for one which was having legal issues recently. There’s nothing special about this site, and I would highly suggest not visiting the site at all. They’re asking you to pay $19.95 for access to this website as well as pay girls sexual favors. It’s bad news big time! Are you interested in reading the complete review? It is possible to do this through by clicking this link. Unblocked Game 76

USASexGuide.info [USA Adult Classifieds Sites]

The site was removed due to legal issues and has since been changed to the International Sex Guide, which, as I’ve said, is a terrible adult classifieds site. The website actually changed its domain name to USASexGuide.nl in order to get around legal issues they faced. The women who are on this website are fake, dirty, and even officers. The site was shut down due to reasons, and you should steer clear of this site completely. If you’d liketo, take a look at this review for more information.

TheEroticReview.com [USA Adult Classifieds Sites]

This classified escort website makes me rage. The site has completely shut down users from of the United States in order to keep them from getting into legal trouble. This should be a sign already! Sincerely, I’ve completed all my research when it comes to USA Adult Classifieds Sites, The Erotic Review and the terms and conditions on this site are so bad that it’s a joke. You can expect to be diagnosed with a disease or even being arrested if you’re on this site. Just telling. If you’d like to know more about the review of erotics, you can read my report on TER here.

EscortBabylon.com [USA Adult Classifieds Sites]

Then, I completely tore this website to pieces because of the insane pop-ups of disease-ridden women, blocking the USA and much more. Also, I hate this since the only thing they’re trying to do is redirect you to other websites in order to earn money. Escort Babylon is being reviewed. Take a look at the review on this site prior to visiting. In fact, read it and do not even think about going to the website!


I had no idea about this website until one my readers asked me to write a critique of it. I was on www.eccie.net and in a matter of minutes realized that it was a terrible classifieds website. The people who use this website are pimps hoes, plows and drug addicts. This is a scam site that was temporarily removed. Check out my Eccie report before you take any decision.


This site is one of the ones that has recently been in the news recently. They took the necessary steps to block all traffic that was directed to from the United States in order to prevent any legal problems with the DOJ and the federal government. It’s really an aggregator pulling information from Backpage (another awful site). Read the review of Listcrawler here before you visit.


It is said that the Erotic Monkey was once the preferred site for those seeking to meet Omaha escorts , and some Portland escorts. However, I wrote a review on the site and exposed that there was a truth to Erotic Monkey. The site was shut down in order that U.S. residents could not access it. However, they have restored it with a brand new domain eroticmonkey.ch. What a terrible site it is! You’re taking an enormous risk by using this site.


This is the main source of USA adult classifieds. It’s gladly been removed for good. The website and its owners were charged with sexual trafficking. I can assure you right now that nothing good comes out of Backpage.com and anyone who tells you otherwise is false. It is, without doubt, the most awful out of them all. Find out about my experiences using this website on the streets of NYC on this page. I’ll never do it ever again.


The Eros classifieds website is one of the first websites in this field. It’s a bit surprising that it’s still in existence today, considering all the legal problems that people have faced. According to me, it’s not any better than websites. The bottom line is that you’re paying women to have sexual sexual relations with you it’s illegal. Check out my Eros.com review before you take any action, and do so. There are other websites that offer adult-oriented classifieds however, the ones mentioned above are definitely the ones you must stay clear of at all times regardless of the circumstances! Your health, freedom and financial wellbeing is not worth the potential problems that they could cause. What’s the answer you might ask? There are plenty of adult users using hookup sites that are secure, safe and legitimate enough to me to recommend. I’d also like to verify that they’re working and do not require you pay for sexual sex. Instead, users pay a small monthly fee to join the site and gain the ability to connect with other adult males who are looking for local sexual encounters. You can try any of these websites and you’ll get amazing results. What do I know? Because I’m not just an advocate, but also an active member.

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