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LASIK Eye Surgery – Am I Eligible for It?

by Jake Whan
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Who is Suitable for LASIK Eye Surgery

Deciding if LASIK ​eye surgery ​is suitable for ​you requires ​careful consideration of ​various factors. ​LASIK, or laser-assisted ​in situ ​keratomileusis, is a ​popular procedure ​to correct vision ​issues like ​nearsightedness, farsightedness, and ​astigmatism by ​reshaping the cornea ​using a ​laser. While it ​can be ​a life-changing procedure ​for many, ​it is essential ​to assess ​your eligibility, understand ​the benefits, ​and be aware ​of potential ​downsides before making ​a decision.

Who can undergo ​LASIK?

To ​be a candidate ​for LASIK, ​you must have ​certain criteria ​met. First, you ​should have ​refractive errors in ​the cornea ​that affect how ​light enters ​your eye and ​is focused ​on the retina. ​LASIK cannot ​treat conditions like ​glaucoma or ​lazy eye. Additionally, ​it’s crucial ​to have a ​relatively stable ​eye prescription, as ​constantly changing ​prescriptions may make ​you unsuitable ​for the procedure.

​Age is ​another factor, and ​generally, individuals ​must be older ​than 18 ​to undergo LASIK. ​Pregnant or ​nursing mothers are ​not eligible, ​as hormonal changes ​during pregnancy ​can affect vision ​stability. A ​history of certain ​eye conditions ​or advanced glaucoma ​may also ​disqualify you from ​the procedure, ​as they can ​impact the ​effectiveness and safety ​of LASIK. ​Uncontrolled diabetes can ​affect healing ​and may also ​be a ​contraindication.

Realistic expectations ​are vital ​when considering LASIK. ​While most ​people experience significant ​vision improvement ​and reduce their ​dependence on ​glasses or contacts, ​not everyone ​achieves perfect 20/20 ​vision. The ​success rate of ​LASIK is ​generally high at ​around 97%, ​but the surgeon’s ​expertise and ​the individual’s unique ​eye characteristics ​can influence the ​outcome.

Benefits ​of LASIK:

One ​of the ​primary benefits of ​LASIK is ​improved vision, which ​can free ​you from the ​hassle of ​wearing glasses or ​contacts. For ​those who dislike ​the appearance ​of glasses or ​suffer from ​frequent eye infections ​due to ​contact lens wear, ​LASIK can ​be a game-changer. ​Moreover, by ​eliminating the need ​for visual ​aids, LASIK can ​lead to ​cost savings in ​the long ​run.

Potential Downsides:

​As with ​any surgical procedure, ​LASIK comes ​with potential downsides. ​Temporary side ​effects like dry ​eyes, night ​vision issues, or ​blurry vision ​may occur but ​often resolve ​with time. In ​rare cases, ​some individuals may ​experience worsened ​vision or require ​additional treatments ​for optimal results. ​The upfront ​cost of LASIK ​can be ​relatively high, and ​insurance plans ​may not always ​cover it. ​There is also ​a small ​risk of infection ​or eye ​pain following the ​procedure, though ​these complications are ​infrequent.

Why ​choose LASIK?

LASIK ​can offer ​significant benefits that ​can positively ​impact your daily ​life. The ​convenience of not ​needing to ​worry about glasses ​or contact ​lenses can be ​liberating and ​make activities like ​swimming or ​exercising more enjoyable. ​Additionally, LASIK ​can lead to ​a more ​active lifestyle, giving ​you the ​freedom to engage ​in various ​activities without the ​hindrance of ​visual aids.

If ​you are ​considering LASIK eye ​surgery in ​London, The Optimal Vision Clinic is ​a reputable option. ​You can ​take a step ​towards improving ​your vision and ​reducing dependence ​on visual aids ​by scheduling ​an appointment at ​020 7183 ​3622.

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