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Best Neighbourhoods to Find The Perfect Student Accommodation Sheffield

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One of life’s great experiences is living in a student home, and Sheffield is the place to do it. Students in the city are fortunate to have access to several wonderful housing options. Private student housing offers a sense of independence and freedom that managed flat-style housing cannot equal, which greatly enhances university life. All of the places on our list have vibrant, amiable populations, nearby amenities, and a rich history, so a great quality of life is all but guaranteed.

But it might be challenging to know where to begin with so many options. This list, which highlights the finest neighbourhoods in Sheffield to live as a student, is the result of research and availability of various student housing in Sheffield.

Ecclesall Avenue

Sheffield students have always considered Ecclesall Road, or Eccy Road as it is affectionately known, to be their Mecca, and it is simple to understand why. It has lovely green spaces, including the well-known Endcliffe Park, a fantastic food and drink scene where acclaimed independent restaurants, coffee shops, and cafes coexist with well-known chains, charming shops, a little bit of culture, necessary supermarkets, and, of course, lively bars and pubs. It’s also very close to the city centre, which is reachable via a short, level walk or the frequent bus service, which offers even more convenience.

Yet, Ecclesall Road’s appeal to students isn’t limited to the enjoyable activities; it’s also a great location for entering universities. Why so many Hallam students live there may be due to the location’s convenience for those who attend Sheffield Hallam’s Collegiate Campus. But that doesn’t mean University of Sheffield students aren’t also lured to Sheffield’s “golden mile” because of the excellent social benefits and quality of life it provides. But, if being close to your school is very essential to you as a University of Sheffield student, you might want to think about relocating to Crookesmoor.

And to top it all off, these student residences are some of Sheffield’s finest. They frequently have large, luxurious interiors and are well situated close to the excellent amenities that make this area so appealing.

City Centre

Sheffield’s city centre is frequently disregarded in favour of Ecclesall Road, yet it has a lot to offer to college students. You’ll be in good shape here if you enjoy independent stores, coffee shops, and eateries as well as a variety of taverns and real ale pubs.

Moreover, Sheffield’s primary galleries and museums, the famed Crucible theatre, its primary concert venues, the Winter Gardens, and its best architecture are all located in the city centre (sorry Park Hill fans).

The fact that the city’s most well-known student clubs are located there is a major bonus for many students. You should search for Student Accommodation Sheffield in the Devonshire Quarter if you want to live close to the action. Look closer to the train station if you’re looking for a more laid-back neighbourhood that nevertheless enjoys the amazing amenities and connectivity the centre has to offer.

The biggest disadvantage of living in a city centre is that rentals are frequently more expensive than in other places. Also, there aren’t enough “proper” student residences because most student housing is typically high-rise apartment management. 


Another of Sheffield’s most well-liked student neighbourhoods is Crookesmoor. For students attending the University of Sheffield, it is especially popular because it is nearby. Due to the area’s plethora of bars, pubs, restaurants, and shops, the quality of life is great. The best restaurants and pubs Sheffield has to offer are within easy walking distance, as are West Street, Broomhill, and even Kelham Island.

There is also something for outdoor enthusiasts here. Despite its proximity to the city centre, Crookesmoor features some outstanding parks. In addition, many of the homes here have gardens (ours certainly do). Sounds appealing to you? Why not take a look at our student housing options in Crookesmoor.


Crookes, which is close to Crookesmoor, has long been a favourite with Sheffield students. It has problems like any other place, and many would say that its hills are among the worst. There are considerable benefits if you’re willing to struggle up the hill when returning from university. A vibrant student area that provides an engaging learning environment.


When seeking student accommodation in Sheffield, Vita Student Telephone House Sheffield shines as a premier option, providing a modern and inclusive living environment. However, with a diverse range of student housing options available throughout Sheffield, every student can find their ideal place to call home during their academic journey.

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